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Tony Garnier Urban Museum is a creation of “OPAC du Grand Lyon” (a social housing public company), which launched, in 1985, a large scale rehabilitation project for a housing estate located East of Lyon, called “quartier des Etats-Unis” (Etats-Unis district).

As soon as 1988, a group of inhabitants gathered into a non profit organization, “Le Comité des locataires” (Tenants Committee), wish that murals be painted on 24 walls of the buildings built by the famous architect Tony Garnier between 1920 and 1933. More information…

They contact a group of artists, Cité de la Création. To pay a tribute to this outstanding architect, the artists design an innovative and unusual museography. A monumental work of art will introduce to the visitors a key period in the history of urban planning and architecture, in a place built by its author: Tony Garnier.

Tony Garnier Urban Museum is a magnificent artistic adventure shared by inhabitants, artists from Cité de la Création and OPAC du Grand Lyon. As a reward to this unusual approach, the museum has already received several awards:

1991 - UNESCO "World Decade for Cultural Development"

1994 - Sponsorship Oscar / Télérama Prize

2002 - Tourism Trophies of the region of Lyon

2003 - Museum is recognized as being of general interest